Hope & Faith

In the world we live in, it seems that there’s more bad then good. Unfortunately. 

That there’s always shootings at schools, airports, clubs, robberies, murders, and the list goes on.

Individuals all across the world, praying to God for strength, for peace, for understanding.

Men & women losing their jobs, their homes, struggling to make ends meet. Struggling to feed their children, themselves. Not knowing where the next dollar for food will come from. Some individuals wishing they were dead to escape the hell their in. Looking for a way out but instead only finding more devastation.

Babies, children, teenagers, young adult, adult, elderly, developing incurable diseases and passing away. No cure. People fighting to survive, to beat their battle, to beat the demon trying to demolish them.

Sometimes people feel like God don’t hear their prayers. People that pray & pray day in, and day out with no answer in sight. And eventually loose their faith.

Don’t do that. Don’t lose your faith. Don’t lose your hope. That one day the world will change, that the world will become less war & more love. I know it’s hard to pray, to think positive, to have faith when the world around isn’t nothing but hot volcano lava that is just multiplying. But you have to. You have to stand up to the devil. You can’t give up.

God didn’t give you laugh for you to just give up.

So, thank the Lord you have the ability to turn the world around. You be the one who put their foot down to the tragedy. To stand up.

To never loose their strength & faith 💕


Wounded eyes.

Ever felt like you just weren’t good enough? For nobody? Especially your family.

This is a story about a girl, who felt that exact way.

Everyday it seemed to get worse & worse. The girl begging for a change. To have somebody’s attention. To be appreciated. To be heard.

But it never happened.

Stay tuned for more *

His what is how big?

No, I’m not talking about some guy’s dick. 

But don’t worry, that’s my next blog.

I’m talking about a man’s heart.

This world is a mean, cruel place. Full of more tragedy then good, it seems. 

But, have you stepped back & looked at the good in your life? 

Your man. Whether it be your boyfriend, husband, whichever. 

Have you stepped back and looked at how amazing he is to your child or children, from a previous relationship. But he doesn’t see that, does he? All he sees is his babies, not his step babies. Honestly the word “step” needs to go. When you’re talking about families.

And the fact your man changes diapers, cooks, cleans, hands on with your baby/children, helps them learn & play. Not he has to, but because he wants to. And you know what’s that called? Love.
If you have a man in your life, wanting to not only love you but your babies too, LET HIM. You honestly won’t find that good of man again easy. Men like that are rare. Especially in this damn age of living.

“His what is how big?”

“His heart is pretty big” ❤

Why did I shave my legs?

Just like the caption reads.

Why did I shave my legs?

Every woman hates shaving their legs. Because it’s well alot of work (haha). Main question every woman askes herself when it comes time to shave is, was she going to get “some” or was she not? And if she wasn’t, then by goodness, these forest legs can wait until tomorrow or even the next day. Hell.

Don’t try and deny you havent said that before. Because I’d call you a lie haha. 

Another question, I’m almost positive women ask themselves is, how’s the weather outside feel? Oh its cold? Yes thank God for pants. Oh it’s hot? Do I really have to go to town? Couldn’t we starve another day? No? I really got to go? Fine, let me go find the weedwacker. And stomps off angry haha.

And if you do shave, you always miss a spot or accidently cut yourself like damn you bastard razor, then you have to find a bandage & it’s work. 

Basically, if a woman ain’t getting her some or if she can wear pants, sure enough she ain’t shaving her dreads 😂
Little Sunday humor. 

Have a good day yall ❤