His what is how big?

No, I’m not talking about some guy’s dick. 

But don’t worry, that’s my next blog.

I’m talking about a man’s heart.

This world is a mean, cruel place. Full of more tragedy then good, it seems. 

But, have you stepped back & looked at the good in your life? 

Your man. Whether it be your boyfriend, husband, whichever. 

Have you stepped back and looked at how amazing he is to your child or children, from a previous relationship. But he doesn’t see that, does he? All he sees is his babies, not his step babies. Honestly the word “step” needs to go. When you’re talking about families.

And the fact your man changes diapers, cooks, cleans, hands on with your baby/children, helps them learn & play. Not he has to, but because he wants to. And you know what’s that called? Love.
If you have a man in your life, wanting to not only love you but your babies too, LET HIM. You honestly won’t find that good of man again easy. Men like that are rare. Especially in this damn age of living.

“His what is how big?”

“His heart is pretty big” ❤