Why did I shave my legs?

Just like the caption reads.

Why did I shave my legs?

Every woman hates shaving their legs. Because it’s well alot of work (haha). Main question every woman askes herself when it comes time to shave is, was she going to get “some” or was she not? And if she wasn’t, then by goodness, these forest legs can wait until tomorrow or even the next day. Hell.

Don’t try and deny you havent said that before. Because I’d call you a lie haha. 

Another question, I’m almost positive women ask themselves is, how’s the weather outside feel? Oh its cold? Yes thank God for pants. Oh it’s hot? Do I really have to go to town? Couldn’t we starve another day? No? I really got to go? Fine, let me go find the weedwacker. And stomps off angry haha.

And if you do shave, you always miss a spot or accidently cut yourself like damn you bastard razor, then you have to find a bandage & it’s work. 

Basically, if a woman ain’t getting her some or if she can wear pants, sure enough she ain’t shaving her dreads 😂
Little Sunday humor. 

Have a good day yall ❤